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    How often will I need to go back for check ups after breast augmentation surgery?

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    Hi Shakira,

    You need to know that check-ups vary from doctor to doctor. But, all postoperative care should be attentive and detailed. The first check-ups will usually schedule on the second post-operative day by the end of the very first week. Then, weekly till the end of the very first month. On the second month and subsequent three months, reviews are on every two weeks. After that, your reviews will fall on every three months until the end of the first year. The interval then rises to six months till the end of the second year and reviews become yearly.

    If you are a foreigner and can only remain in Singapore for a period of time, your recovery is monitored through email communication. You will need to take photos at appropriate intervals and sent to the surgeon for review.

    Hope this help.

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