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    I’m considering to get Breast Augmentation done in the following months to come and I was wondering if I would lose my sensations around my nipple if I were to choose the areola incision method.

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    Hi Felicia,

    Thank you for your question.

    Most women, will encounter some temporarily loss of feeling or sensation after breast augmentation surgeries regardless of the incision methods, and it’ll will get better in a few weeks’ time after the surgery. However, do note that the recovery time varies from person to person.

    It also depends on the type of incision you will have as well. For your case, using an areola incision method may have a higher chance of “Nipple Numbness”, which will only last for a few weeks depending on your body & the size of the implant as well.

    The chances are low for you to lose your sensations permanently.

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