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Hi Aiska,

Once you awaken from surgery, you might experience some moderate discomfort. Those patients who have had children say it feels as though their milk coming in and those patients who have not had children say that they feel like a “tightness” in their breast. After surgery, you will be given ibuprofen (Advil) after you have some water and crackers. Once you reach home, you will need a two-hour nap. After napping, you ought to feel a whole lot more comfortable. You will experience mild or moderate swelling and hardly more than that. The nipples and breasts (outside and lower portion) might be numb but the sensation will return in most cases. Most patients can resume minor household chores (cooking, light cleaning, dish washing) and often go out for dinner and shopping on the very same day. After the next few days, you should feel more and more like yourself. There is no need to worry 🙂


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